Bishops of the Lexington Diocese

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The Rt. Rev.Lewis William Burton 1896-1929

The Rt. Rev.Lewis William Burton  1896-1929The Rt. Rev. Henry Pryor Almon Abbott  1929-1945The Rt. Rev.  William Robert Moody  1945-1971The Rt. Rev. Addison Hosea   1970-1985The Rt. Rev. Don Adger Wimberly 1985-1999The Rt. Rev. Stacy F. Sauls 2000-2011The Rt. Rev. Chilton Knudsen, Interim Bishop 2011-2012The Rt. Rev. Douglas Hahn 2012-2016The Rt. Rev. Bruce Caldwell, Provisional Bishop 2016-2018The Rt. Rev. Mark Van Koevering   2018-